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Triumphs & Testimonials

I was a single mother with an adopted daughter that had been abused and neglected. My daughter went through 3 years of counseling, and the behaviors such as destroying property and stealing grew worse and worse with her age. The more I tried to help her, the more she resented me it. I felt I had nowhere to turn and was worried about her future. In 2008 I looked up Alaska Crossings and made the call.

My daughter went to the program, and it was difficult for her, but she made it through. The program taught her to be more responsible for herself, and to make good choices that would help her move towards her goals. She had trust issues with people, but when she got back, I could tell a big difference in her attitude toward others, including her siblings and me.

Today she is seeking employment and never has been in any trouble since the program, I sincerely thank all the highly qualified staff that made a big difference”

-Mother of 17-year-old girl from Anchorage

Alaska Crossings was awesome! I’m glad that we sent my son there. It made a huge difference. He came back with a lot more respect, a lot better attitude,appreciates what he has a lot more than before and doesn’t argue nearly as much. He is excited about school again and other activities that he was withdrawing from before. I would recommend Crossings to anyone who is having the same kind of problems with their child.”

-Mother of 13-year-old boy from Wasilla

“I think it’s wonderful. My son’s been in 5 different treatment centers, and he did better at Alaska Crossings than he did 2 years in a treatment center. I think this is what kids really need: not be locked up, get a chance to clear their minds and have supportive people to help make decisions in their teenager lives. They’re making decisions anyway, so it’s good having someone there to help make good decisions and really think about all the ramifications of decisions they’re making. He really felt a lot of support out there. He finally let his guard down, and let his heart out about what was really happening in his life. Now instead of hiding from things he thinks we might not like, he’s been more upfront. We haven’t had a problem with him wanting to go use drugs, or running way or acting violently, those kinds of things.

We’re amazed and just honored he was able to come to the program. We’re amazed there’s someplace like this in Alaska for our kids; years ago there wasn’t anything like this. I think you guys have really figured it out. Alaska Crossings will be the new way of treatment. It’s really great. If we came upon any more troubles like this again, you would be first ones we’d call. You did everything you said you would do. You didn’t lead us astray and not follow through. There were hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on my son’s treatment before you, and Crossings was what he really needed, what worked.”

-Mother of 17-year-old boy from Juneau

“My daughter was sad when she left for Crossings, and when came back she was happy. It made a really good impact. After Crossings she felt physically more able, had more enthusiasm for things. She cooperated with going to therapy, though we’re still working on the responsibility part (keeping her room clean, doing laundry”¦) I think it helped her in school too. She used to get really down about school, and now she still does, but not nearly as long as she did before. She has a more patience with my niece who is four and comes over all the time. Now she can actually sit and play with her.”

-Mother of 12-year-old girl from Ketchikan

“Going to Crossings was better than staying here. I got to do work, and go to sleep early, and wake up early, and do stuff what I don’t usually do, and talk about stuff I don’t really talk about. It was also good making friends easily and going to other places.”

-17-year-old boy from Tuntutuliak

“I love Crossings! It helped so much. My son came home a different person; his grades are up, he’s hanging out with kids that don’t get into trouble. Crossings is a wonderful place for kids to go.With the kind of trouble my son was in, it just really helped him.”

-Mother of 17-year-old boy from Nome

“I thought that Alaska Crossings was excellent, and my wife feels the same. I think there was difference when my son came back home; he is doing better in school than he has in years, is in trouble a lot less, is more social, more confident, and is more inclined to be helpful. It is an amazing improvement.”

-Father of 15-year-old boy from Wasilla

“I guess Crossings was like a life changing experience, you know. It was really fun. I was almost never bored. It was an experience. I liked meeting new people, and interacting doing activities, even just things like putting up tents, loading a boat and playing games. Just being around the staff and other kids and interacting with them was great. I think the biggest change for me is that I’ve learned to not use as much, moderation. I learned there are other things in life that are more fun than getting high, like going outside and doing activities and stuff. There are a lot of other fun ways to be happy to have fun.”

-17-year-old boy from Haines

“It was a pretty cool place. It was fun. I think the guides were cool and fun too. Hiking was my favorite part of the program. I learned high tolerance of others and how to get along with people. Also, me and my dad get along better now since I’ve been home.”

-16-year-old boy from Anchorage